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  • 6 Lists of 6 for ’06

    6 Movies You Really Should Have Watched This Year Hoodwinked Casino Royale An Inconvenient Truth The Departed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Thank You For Smoking (n.b. yet to see Babel but expect it to be most excellent) 6 Songs I Played Much Too Much Frou Frou – Let Go Youth Group – […]

  • Sticky Post

    Inspired by:

  • Randomised

    Woo~ total lack of stuff to talk about, so… the fallback position! random meme. Post a comment and: I’ll respond with something random about you I’ll challenge you to try something I’ll pick a color that I associate with you I’ll tell you something I like about you I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of […]

  • Friend Flow Chart

    Copying… Some explanation – for the sake of simplicity, i didn’t include everyone I know, just those that are friends and are likely to see this =) The “…” signifies various multitudes of people at uni in my course. The greyed out ones in italics were those people who provided key contacts, but have since […]

  • 9 to 1

    9 lasts: last cigarette: never last beverage: fresh squeezed limes from my backyard in water last kiss: much, much too long ago last movie seen: Just Like Heaven last phone call: family friend (y’know, one of them “Aunties”) last cd played: Naughty by Nature – IIcons… like last year some time. last bubble bath: Years […]

  • Personality thing

    So I see a new post from Jack this morning, and it’s one of those things I thought Jack would never do, but I gladly lap up. It’s an intriguing one. “Johari” – It’s like a personality matrix, with a bunch of characteristics. I’ve picked 6 personality traits I think are some of my strongest, […]

  • Memory Meme Madness

    Purloining memes is inevitable; it’s something about their nature – well, it really is their nature – that others will steal the meme and put it on their blog in an spectacular display of unimagination/uncreativity. But they’re fun. So stealing from elsewhere, the following meme continues. And it feels oddly appropriate to me to be […]