Friend Flow Chart


friend flow chart

Some explanation – for the sake of simplicity, i didn’t include everyone I know, just those that are friends and are likely to see this =) The “…” signifies various multitudes of people at uni in my course. The greyed out ones in italics were those people who provided key contacts, but have since lost contact.

And the grey dotted border signifies the met-in-high-school/uni divide. With the exception of Annie inside the line, and conversely work people, there’s a bit of a generic rule that applies to this divide…

(if I’ve missed you… >.>)

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Hehe, that’s why I don’t do these sorts of things because I’m a little absent minded and tend to leave people out XD; Do the colours on each line mean anything? Or are they just coloured to make the map look pretty?

Celina: lol no initially I was going to – like maroon for the school friends, blue for monash friends, etc., but it ended up being a little too confusing so it’s just whatever colours i could pick to differentiate the “streams” :)

nathan: you might surprise yourself!

Hey Karan,

I know I’m “not supposed to talk about it unless I really have to” but I just wanted to tell you that the “package was received” and that I will be doing something about it once my classes are over early August. :)

I wish there were easier ways of getting to ya but alas, I’m a busy woman and we are in such different time zones. I miss you, buddy and I’ve been wanting to talk to you for forever.

hahah that’s ok, back in the day it would have taken just as long to get there =)

damn these timezones. miss you too. did you realise it was just over a year ago when I was in NY?

Ama: weekend of Aug. 5 – 7 (Bank Holiday Monday in NSW). Possibly last time before I jet off to London.

kahiti: lol, yeah i had to fill up that bit of space :P


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