Personality thing

So I see a new post from Jack this morning, and it’s one of those things I thought Jack would never do, but I gladly lap up. It’s an intriguing one.

“Johari” – It’s like a personality matrix, with a bunch of characteristics. I’ve picked 6 personality traits I think are some of my strongest, and now it’s your turn – you guys pick 5 or 6 things you think about me (e.g. am I cheerful, proud, etc) and we find out how much my perceptions of myself match with those of my friends.

Give it a shot, for me =) (and no peeking. that’d be unfair.)
This is pretty much designed to go well (enough) as the personality traits are by and large positive, but if I’m feeling particularly curious, I might have a go at the “Nohari”, which is a negative take on the Johari personality options.

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chicky: it worked for two people at least…

ama: if i had more respondents, I’d do the Nohari thing too, and that’s entirely negative. but at the moment…

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