Memory Meme Madness

Purloining memes is inevitable; it’s something about their nature – well, it really is their nature – that others will steal the meme and put it on their blog in an spectacular display of unimagination/uncreativity. But they’re fun.

So stealing from elsewhere, the following meme continues. And it feels oddly appropriate to me to be talking about this kind of stuff, what with end-of-an-era type stuff happening to me. Enough blather, the meme:

Everyone who reads this blog who happens to also know me (rather than the usual net stumbler), post a memory you have of you, with me, a moment. it could be anything from the utterly humiliating to the higest of highs. see the theory is that different things are significant to different people, what you remember may not be something that i’d recall. so comment away, anonymously if you so wish, that could be part of the test! see if i remember your memory!

So let’s get to it folks =) What memory do you have of me?

5 Replies to “Memory Meme Madness”

  1. ohohoh, when you went into the turning doors with me into the empire state building!! i got so surprised.. i hate it when people when do that!! :P

  2. hehehe alrite this is the first memory that came to my head. but i kinda wanted something more fuzzy. but i can’t remember so…. here goes
    the furthest i remember is me staying up late the nite before my comp sci prac class
    stressing over my program. and having you to help me :D my lifesaver *hug*
    they were so stressful moments … i’ll always remember them

  3. oh geez those were the days huh =) long memories of working on those crappy lil’ programs i could probably produce in half an hour now.

    Actually, that’s a lie. It’d probably still take me just as long as it did then.

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