Mother’s Day

There’s a few people you can never replace in your life, but right at the top of that list is your mum. Without whom you wouldn’t actually be around, so right off the bat there’s something you can’t argue against.

Some will argue that having one “special” day set aside for mothers demeans the whole thing, that actually having that day is an acknowledgement that most of the time mothers go unappreciated. There’s some who argue that it’s crass & commercialised and that decaring this day of all days is completely arbitrary – mainly because the shops haven’t got anything else to get sales in May. To which I say that’s the weakest excuse I’ve ever heard, foo’.

Mother’s Day may indeed be rather arbitrary, and an acknowledgement of those underappreciated, but the counter argument would be to use this day to make up for your own shortcomings. You may argue with your mum, you may find her old fashioned and restrictive and overbearing and all those other things that inevitably gets pointed at parents, but if there’s one person in the world who’ll care for you when all else have left you, it’s your mum.

I can’t be with my mum this Mother’s Day, but I sure hope you did something today. Something as small as telling her: I love you, mum.


My graduation is on the 25th, at 4:00. I’ll be getting my academic dress-thingy before, around 2ish.

Ok people, let’s not screw it up this time. I’m giving you nearly 2 weeks of warning now. I’d like to meet up with as many peeps as I can, and at uni wouldn’t be a bad place to do it. I know you’ve all got timetables and it’s the end of semester & all that, but I’ll be down for four days (25th-28th), which is ample time to meet up. Last time there was the whole long weekend thing, but there’s little excuse this time not to take at least an hour out or something – I propose lunch on Friday or something, subject of course to everyone’s availablity. So far, it looks like Saturday night is booked out one way or another, and obviously Thursday is mostly occupied with the whole peice of paper thing.

Work with me here.


I’ve got a list of things as long as my arm to do and only so much time to do it in; when you’re at work, it’s hard to find the time to call up the motor registry and the car insurance company and the post office and the health insurance company. Why are these things only open during business hours? everyone’s working at that time!

I for one love Indian call centres. They’re open outside our business hours, and the people get my name right. If all call centres were in India, I could do the calls I need to when I had time, and I’d never get a parcel sent to Karen again. (“Yes, that parcel’s for me… No, I’m Karan, not Karen… I’m sorry, do you want a statutory declaration or something?” sheeze).

i.e. on a hectic roundabout of things to do and much too little time to find something interesting to blog about. Will put something down about E3 and the Playboxstation Wii60 circus on the weekend. In the meantime, bananas. or possibly grapefruit.

Playstation 3 at E3

Engadget reports from Sony’s PlayStation infosession at E3

– They’ve reverted to the current controller body, but added motion detection like Nintendo. Microsoft have now committed to non-motion detection controller. Curiouser and Curiouser.
– Games look good. Hell, games look fan-bloody-tastic.
– Worldwide simultaneous launch! Region free! Backward compatible as always! :glee:
– US$499 – US$599 at launch… meaning probably $650 – $800 Aussie. :cries:

*starts saving*

Movie Review: Crash

Crash is a movie that can’t accurately be described. There is no start-middle-end like most movies. It’s an ensemble peice, and while this usually conjures up images of movies like Love Actually, where there’s a connection, however tenuous, between all the characters, in Crash there isn’t. Or, well, there is, but it’s a lot more co-incidental and in the moment.

Crash was the winner of the Best Picture Oscar this year, and despite all the claims that it wasn’t deserving of it, I’d say it ranks right up there. I haven’t seen any of the other movies that were nominated, but they’d have to do a hell of a job topping it. Go watch it, it’s on DVD right now. ★★★★☆