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The One I Never Told

Honesty exists in the moment. Afterwards, whoever writes the most convincing story determines ‘history’. The word even has ‘story’ in it.

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Colour me confused. (I think it’s a sort of light brown leaning towards purple, similar to the colour of my carpet. Maybe that’s just because I’m staring at my carpet.)

Karan, if you wanna wax philosophical on your blog, you gotta wax more than 2 lines and 3 sentences. Waxing philosophical means you must write a big long thesis on it.

Oh come on dude. magnum opii (I hope that’s the correct plural form) are great. Blogs are places where you’re meant to blurt out all your philosophical ramblings and opii.

I’m disappointed in you dude :P. You have many opii up your sleeve. Use them to your advantage.

Oh, I saw it. I was going to comment, but when I saw someone else’s disappear like a refugee report in Canberra I bet on discretion. Only problem with blogs is a whole lot more people tend to read them than you might think.

lol, check your browser cache :P

(there’s also another place to find it, if you know where I mirror my blog… dig!)

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