Evil Twins!

Occasionally, you’ll run into people who look like someone else you know, but it passes in a moment as they turn their head, or you do a double-take and realise they actually look nothing like your friend, you’re just projecting and you probably need to get a tad more sleep.

On the other hand, some days you’ll be sitting on the train/in the park/in a restaurant, and you keep looking at this stranger who’s stolen the face, body, hair, actions, etc., of your friend. (That or it actually is your friend, and they’re ignoring you, and you’re probably not in their definition of a friend.) If you look closely enough though, you’ll realise this evil twin has something subtly different about them, but you can’t shake the feeling…

So far, in the last 3 months, I have spotted evil twins for Fiona (different because she was too grumpy), Fay (too Honky), Chicky (too skinny), Kirsty (too lanky, if you’d believe it :P) and today, Esther (too frumpy). My conclusions are a) I’m spotting the closest female friends I have for some unknown reason, and b) the differences rhyme. sorta. not really.

egads, I really have nothing whatsoever to write about.

Three Months a Workin’

Friday will mark 3 months of me being a working man, and today marks 3 months having moved out of home. Not sure how I feel about these things, but – wait for it – I’m gonna let you know. (gee, did you see that coming? not me, coz, totally…)

*ahem* Let’s structure this. And let you in on what I’m doing – no deletes in this post, just restatements. You get to see my thought process. Which obviously isn’t as structured as this, because I added this after writing some lines below. That are after the cut.

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