Month: May 2006

  • Mood Swing

    Some days you’re up, and then some days you’re down. Thursday and Friday were good days, but I woke up on Saturday morning with my throat hurting and a distinct sense of crap running through my head; Sunday morning bore it out and it appeared that a full-fledged cold had struck. Now I’m not blaming […]

  • The Concerto Table

    The Concerto piano Table: The iPod is Everywhere. Resistance is Futile.

  • Graduate!

    Officially a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree holder now, and thus can finally claim the term bachelor in all ernest. Or something to that end. Very exciting day, either way. If anyone ever says “oh there’s no point going to graduate”, tell them… well, tell them they can skip their own if they really want. […]

  • The Letter Writing Experiment

    I’m in the middle of an experiment right now: writing real letters. It all came about because of a movie which featured letters prominently as a plot device, and the discussion that followed in my family about how letters used to be the only way to communicate across distances. Telephones reduced that, and email has […]

  • Movie Review: Mission Impossible 3

    Watched M:I:3 last night. First impression within 30 seconds of the start: Wow, get a bloody steadycam or tripod, will you? Yeesh. I don’t know what makes film makerst think a camera shaking like crazy, at an unecessary time (i.e. when the action is mostly static), is somehow “modern” and “cool”. All it does is […]

  • Russell Peters coming to Australia

    Russell Peters is coming to Australia: One show in Melbourne, July 8th, Two shows in Sydney, July 10th, $56.90 (!) Update: Melbourne show sold out, one Sydney show sold out, extra 2 shows for Sydney All sold out, and very damn quick. I missed out ;_;.

  • Ever used Google? You sure?

    Ever used Google? You sure? (via)

  • Cow Tiger Sheep Horse Pig

    Some of you may have seen this email before; supposedly, it’s got the wisdom of the Dalai Lama in it & what-not, and part of it is organising a list of animals “by your preference”. If you’ve ever been asked a question which is more random or left-field than that, let me know. The idea […]

  • General Brain Spasm

    and the day started so well… * * *

  • MacBook released

    So Apple’s dropped the MacBook as expected, albeit well before their announced expected time last year. And as you may well know, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the MacBook for a while now… so it’s decision time =) It’s really a no-brainer. I can afford the higher-spec 2Ghz machine, and even do up […]