Playstation 3 at E3

Engadget reports from Sony’s PlayStation infosession at E3

– They’ve reverted to the current controller body, but added motion detection like Nintendo. Microsoft have now committed to non-motion detection controller. Curiouser and Curiouser.
– Games look good. Hell, games look fan-bloody-tastic.
– Worldwide simultaneous launch! Region free! Backward compatible as always! :glee:
– US$499 – US$599 at launch… meaning probably $650 – $800 Aussie. :cries:

*starts saving*

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that’s if the technology doesn’t change.. but if the technology gets better, then you can’t really expect it to stay cheap

Ama: that is so random. Get your own blog. Also, I observed that some 2 years ago.

Haha weren’t you ruminating on the possibility of a communal blog a few days ago? I’ll commandeer your comments section for that very purpose! >:-D

hahah yeah even I’ve bought into the Wii – I love the idea of Virtual Orchestra! Me? going Nintendo? *cues snow effects in hell etc.*

p.s. how’s “honorthewok”, y’all? =D

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