Someone care to define the concept of “home” as opposed to “house”? I’m not entirely sure where my home is at the moment, but I’m back in Melbourne at the very least, having come back via the driving way. Which I have discovered can be accomplished on a single tank of fuel (only just) from door-to-door. Which is something spectacular for the Holden Automobile Company, because they used to be thirsty buggers.

Will attempt to catch up and gather thoughts for a review of 2005 post tomorrow (if i can somehow sneak enought time on the computer under Dad’s eye). By all accounts, it’s been a helluva year and I’m not even sure I can remember back to May let alone January.

Mini-party type thing at my place tomorrow if you is willing to be turning up =)

Season’s Greetings from Sydney

Hey everyone, hope you had a brilliant Christmas, however you chose to celebrate. I have my temporary access thing still going up here, but strangely am missing the computer far less than I do at home when it’s right there and connected.

One of the factors that I’ve found has been underestimated is the simple fact of the weather – I forgot how warm it gets up here, but also how perfect the evenings are. I really don’t know how to express it, and sorry for any offence I may cause, but the brilliance of the weather here means the attitudes to life are a whole lot different: brighter, freerer, more… outside. The weather is the core of it. I’ve talked more to neighbours in the last two days than I have in Melbourne in the last year. Kinda saddening.

I wish I had the kind of friends I have in Melbourne up here in Sydney; I can only imagine what kind of fun I would have, even day to day. It’s one of those bittersweet things – great friends, wrong place (in my opinion at least).

Anyway, enough about the weather. Been settling in and enjoying the idea of having a whole bleeding house to myself, or at least sharing it with a sharemate. I’m also not suffering from my regular day to day hayfever, which makes it worthwhile even without the money they’ll eventually be paying me =D

I will be back by Friday evening (30th), so we can get to some partyin’ up on NYE. My place!! (someone give me a call if they approve of the idea and we can get to organising).

Hiatus (kinda maybe)

It’s very early in this blog’s life, but I will be going on a hiatus over the next week or so, as I will be in Sydney and will be limited to net access on my mobile – which isn’t spectacular. Thanks to Gmail Mobile I will be able to check my email periodically, but again don’t expect anything stellar or extended by way of response. I’m moving my stuff up there and settling it all in with the help of the family primarily to reassure them that I will be able to survive beyond a week up there without them. Just one of those things, y’know how it is.

Enjoy a lovely Christmas, and hopefully I shall see you all in the New Year!

Presidential Options

(a.k.a. more multichoice questions)

You are the President of the USA. Imagine that scenario. You may be the first of your kind (Black/Indian/Asian/Australian/Woman/twentysomething – now wouldn’t that be a combination…… i may digress.), and you want to make an impression, so that you will be remembered for all time.

You decide to go on a spending spree, spending $300 billion over 4 years. Three Hundred Billion US Dollars. You:

a) Wipe out poverty, worldwide.
b) Pour money into research to cure HIV/AIDS, and as a follow up trick, most other major diseases known to man
c) Send astronauts to Mars & the Moon. Twice. For laughs.
d) Rid the world of nuclear weapons
e) Give every man, woman and child in the USA $1000 each.
f) Give every member of humanity $50 each.
g) Catch Osama bin Laden, or at the very least set that as a bounty on his head.
h) Free a mid-sized Arab country from the rusty grip of a delusional, harmless despot.


eInk commeth

Tell me that ain’t an impressive beauty. The chick, not the clock. Such a fine shape I ain’t ever seen…

eInk clock

No of course I meant the clock. (sigh, yes, I can hear your groans already). But yes, my friends, that above is eInk demonstrated. I mean, obviously it’d be a lot more impressive were it a video of the time ticking over, but you can see the principle demonstrated there and tell quite clearly: the future, it will be beautiful. I love the future.

let go

Step back. Don’t think so hard. Don’t try to hold on it when it’s going away. The horizon is tbe constant, but you need to keep moving towards it. Move forward, ever further, leaving your past behind like so many of yesterday’s memories and the embers of days past. let go of expectations. let go of demands. let go of frustrations. let go of pretense. be what you can be, and no more. let go of everything that is holding you back, and just jump.

let go without checking to see if anyone is going to catch you.

Multi-choice question

Question: I have been awake until 4 am for the last 3 nights running because:

a) I’m turning into an insomniac or nocturnal.


c) I’m watching anime and I’m addicted

d) I’m playing Civilization 4 and … wuup, there goes 4 hours. Save? Oops, it’s 6 hours gone now.

e) All of the Above.

First to answer correctly gets a chocolate bar.