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Hiatus (kinda maybe)

It’s very early in this blog’s life, but I will be going on a hiatus over the next week or so, as I will be in Sydney and will be limited to net access on my mobile – which isn’t spectacular. Thanks to Gmail Mobile I will be able to check my email periodically, but again don’t expect anything stellar or extended by way of response. I’m moving my stuff up there and settling it all in with the help of the family primarily to reassure them that I will be able to survive beyond a week up there without them. Just one of those things, y’know how it is.

Enjoy a lovely Christmas, and hopefully I shall see you all in the New Year!

7 replies on “Hiatus (kinda maybe)”

z: =( I was gonna get a back-up of my database too… dammit. Gotta arrange something.

chicky: lol, it’s only for a week or so :P how could I ever leave you? *hugs*

celina: thanks :) I’ll be back by New Year’s though.

Regan: nah this is only to put stuff up there and reassure the fam that I can survive up there :)

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