eInk commeth

Tell me that ain’t an impressive beauty. The chick, not the clock. Such a fine shape I ain’t ever seen…

eInk clock

No of course I meant the clock. (sigh, yes, I can hear your groans already). But yes, my friends, that above is eInk demonstrated. I mean, obviously it’d be a lot more impressive were it a video of the time ticking over, but you can see the principle demonstrated there and tell quite clearly: the future, it will be beautiful. I love the future.

6 responses to “eInk commeth”

  1. I was just about to say: she isn’t all that pretty!
    Funky clock though. All you have to do is find a wall big enough to fit it on.

  2. Does it matter? I’d just have it hanging randomly somewhere, probably vertical =)

    Oh, current price is $4000. That’s the bit where you go “yeouch.” – But it has possibilities for advertising.

  3. yeah that’s true enough, but i’m talking more along the lines of changing advertising on that kind of thin display… dunno what exactly I was thinking when I said that, but partially that thru advertising we may see more of it (giant changing billboards?) and that will bring prices down and thus i can have a giant digital wall clock in my future house =)

  4. It has potential for quite a few applications. The real question is will it actually be utilised on a decent scale in most of them, and the answer is, like most cool technologies, probably not. Unless it gets backing from a huge Japanese electronics company.

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