Season’s Greetings from Sydney

Hey everyone, hope you had a brilliant Christmas, however you chose to celebrate. I have my temporary access thing still going up here, but strangely am missing the computer far less than I do at home when it’s right there and connected.

One of the factors that I’ve found has been underestimated is the simple fact of the weather – I forgot how warm it gets up here, but also how perfect the evenings are. I really don’t know how to express it, and sorry for any offence I may cause, but the brilliance of the weather here means the attitudes to life are a whole lot different: brighter, freerer, more… outside. The weather is the core of it. I’ve talked more to neighbours in the last two days than I have in Melbourne in the last year. Kinda saddening.

I wish I had the kind of friends I have in Melbourne up here in Sydney; I can only imagine what kind of fun I would have, even day to day. It’s one of those bittersweet things – great friends, wrong place (in my opinion at least).

Anyway, enough about the weather. Been settling in and enjoying the idea of having a whole bleeding house to myself, or at least sharing it with a sharemate. I’m also not suffering from my regular day to day hayfever, which makes it worthwhile even without the money they’ll eventually be paying me =D

I will be back by Friday evening (30th), so we can get to some partyin’ up on NYE. My place!! (someone give me a call if they approve of the idea and we can get to organising).

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  1. Hey, I agree about weather…although I’ve never lived anywhere with horrible weather for any significant amount of time (I’m a California native). Good weather is usually more condusive to outdoor/outgoing-ness, although not the only thing obviously.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself. I’ve been having a great time on my Winter Break seeing friends and famiily up and down California. Have fun partying!

  2. i approve of the idea…unfortunately, i’ll need to get to work by 915am…if someone is willing to gimme a ride to a station…i’ll be there.

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