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Mood Swing

Some days you’re up, and then some days you’re down. Thursday and Friday were good days, but I woke up on Saturday morning with my throat hurting and a distinct sense of crap running through my head; Sunday morning bore it out and it appeared that a full-fledged cold had struck.

Now I’m not blaming anyone – it was my own damn fault for forgetting so readily how cold Melbourne actually is at this time of year, and not packing appropriately. But come work this morning, all that postiveness and relaxation I’d aimed for, and even partially achieved, were totally wiped out, negating completely the value of taking a few days off. All I want to do now is take some more days off.

I did however carry away some valuable conversations, and some insights, however brief, into life, the universe, etc. It’s those things that you reflect on later as showing your signs of maturity approaching, of growth on an emotional level instead of merely phsyical. Occasionally, because of all the wonderful people that surround me, I feel wise beyond my years, and I don’t think I thank people enough for sharing their world with me.

It is perhaps appropriate that Monash University’s emblem has the words “Ancora Imparo” on it, because it really does apply, even beyond university – “I am still learning.”

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Yeah, this winter’s been much colder than last year’s that’s for sure. Everyone’s freezing their collective backsides here.

That is a really nice um motto. My school must have one, no clue what it is though.

Hmm yes, sometimes our set aside time for relaxation turns out to be anything but (unfortunately)… conversely I somehow managed to get completely in the mood this past weekend, and I can’t get out of it.

Speaking of maturity approaching… that can only be a good thing. We deserve something for getting older. Good luck on learning…

lol, I love those moments when you just sit back and relax, and no-one can shake you from it =) that’s how life should be, really…

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