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  • 38 weeks later

    How time flies. You’d think if you’re counting the weeks, and you’re counting up 38 of them, you’ve got so much time. That’s 38 x 7 days, which is… (mental maths) 266…ish days? That’s a decent number of days! The secret you learn after finding out is that these dates are approximations. No-one can quite […]

  • Ceteris Paribus

    Change one thing at a time, and hold all others equal – ceteris paribus. It’s a core of science – to do an experiment, you look at cause and effect by making a cause happen and observing for effect. Except, just about anything that happens in the real world is not easily explained by a […]

  • End of Week, End of Month, End of Quarter, End of Season

    It’s the end of another week, and then I look at the calendar and realise it’s the end of the month. But then it’s not only that, it’s the end of March, marking the end of the first quarter of the year – yes, I think like a banker now – and in a way […]

  • Navel gazing

    Wow, wait, I’ve been writing on this blog for nearly 11 years now…  The thought came to me while fiddling with the sidebar images. If you’ve not noticed, there’s a rotating roster of images that changes with each refresh. Some are more readable than others. Some are my own images, some are from Unsplash, which […]

  • Three Oh

    Thirty years. That sounds like… a lot. It sure doesn’t feel like a lot – I guess? I dunno. It feels like time has passed, but it also doesn’t, in the sense that I still recall events from 20 years ago vividly should I choose to. But then I get a sense of perspective when […]

  • Short form

    Fish Dreams: Her mother drops her at five and tells me what she likes to eat now. There are times I look at this woman and feel an echo of affection. But not today. She won’t eat peas any more, apparently. I am to encourage her to eat peas. And she’s had nightmares, says her […]

  • Vale, Steve Jobs

    I was at work, browsing idly on my iPhone when I stumbled upon the news, linked to a short news blast from the AP. This wasn’t fake: it was a statement by Apple, and the language was solemn. Man oh man, the shock froze me for a minute. As though I was searching for a […]

  • November

    It’s November 2010. Motherf—- No, time to ease up on the swearing, and admit that this year got out of hand. Hell, these last 18 months have just been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, ever since that fateful day when I was dunked in the cold shock of finding a job you love is […]

  • The Thriller

    If there was one bit of news I didn’t expect to wake up to yesterday, it was that Michael Jackson had died. At first, I heard that “reports out of the US” were saying he died, or was in a coma. I didn’t want to believe it, but over the next half hour, the news […]

  • Jon Stewart Explains to Congress

    Jon Stewart is still in fine form: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Autoerotic Explanation