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Modern Spam

In the past month or two, there’s been a steady trickle of spam comment attempts on this site, and while most of them are the usual viagra-xanax-casino deal, some spammers have been trying to get creative. There’s the flattering comments, which say “Wow, love your post” or “Great site!”, and occasionally they tack on “Can we exchange links with your site?” and so on. At first, the not-so-vigilant moderator might in a moment of weakness allow the comment, before they check out the site that the commenters name is linked to – but when you do, you easily realise and can that spam that slipped through.

The ones that are really getting creative are putting complex words & sentences in so that the average spam-detection algorithm might think it a particularly intelligent reader expressing overly-complex thoughts. This of course fails the first-comment test (all first comments are held in moderation) and provides me with some amusement when attempting to understand the meaning and/or the source (blockquotes from famous books, for example). One of these attempts at intelligence simply states “Your site is very cognitive”, which is a dead giveaway to me – who the hell ever uses words like “cognitive”?

But the one that amuses me the most is this:

I just don’t have anything to say right now.

I mean, come on, just try a little?

5 replies on “Modern Spam”

Oh ha ha, yes I remember those. That’s why I started the word verification feature that blogger offers.

The worst was my poor old comcast email, which got eaten up by spam from what seemed like real people spouting long sentences that made no sense.

Who actually makes spam anyway?

It’s a staple diet in some countries :P. Who knows where these fruitcakes get their ideas from. For the ones where bad grammar dominate, I’m sure some people fall for the ones with good grammar and suck it in…

lol…well what can I say. I live to spam…um…I mean eat spam.

Anyway, thanks again for your help dude with all the WP stuff. I sent you an email but thought I’d comment after reading your post anyway. Slowly coming together…

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