Category: conversations with myself

  • Growing Up

    “Yeah, I’m looking to buy a place.” Holy shit, did I just say that? I think I did. In fact, I think this is the beginning of the end – the end of pretending like I can get away with doing just the minimum. There’s a couple of factors that have prompted me to start […]

  • I want…

    … to learn how to write stories again.

  • Trying not to bang on about it

    As much as I have been mentioning what today is all about, it’s even less online than it is in real conversations around the office. There’s been nothing else which has been a consistent topic over the last month at least, save perhaps considerations of the future beyond today. Today also marks my 2 year […]

  • This time

    It’s something emepheral, almost. Our relationship is defined almost entirely within the confines of the darkness and the music, the undercurrent of alcohol and the late night, the unsteady beat driving our actions and defining our interaction. It’s hard to have a moment of intimacy when you’re surrounded by strangers at close range. Any such […]

  • Now I remember!

    Rachel Bilson! That’s it! (never mind, you wouldn’t get it anyway)

  • This shit just got real

    (It’s inevitable, isn’t it? As soon as I say “I’m on hiatus,” I think of something to write) I think what’s got me in a bit of a zone is the fact that suddenly, things are real. I don’t know why it hasn’t felt like that until just recently; maybe I’m finally getting out of […]

  • Never forget

    Even after 2 years, the memory is strong. The dream lives on, growing, changing, adapting to the newer perspective. I want to reach out and grab it, to hold it tight until it becomes real, or it truly dissipates. Regret and desire all mixed in with a hint of words unsaid. Imagination, dreaming – they […]

  • Looking over the shoulder

    There’s still days when I think that this is it, and from tomorrow, it’s back to university, I’m done pretending, or that the alarm clock is going to go off and I’ll wake and it’ll still be February 6th, 2006, and I have yet to turn up for my first day, or it’s May 21st, […]

  • New Year

    A night of wine, women and song on the water, the middle of the harbour under the stars and surrounded by old friends and new… Well, that may be exaggerating a bit, what with less wine and more vodka, but ’twas a wonderful night. And now another year begins… It’s strange to think that nearly […]

  • I think it’s me

    The suitcase was put away today, the contents having found their way to the spin cycle. I’m still not out of the traveller mindset completely, with many things scattered across my bedroom awaiting proper organisation of some sort. Jet lag appears to have waited for a day, finally catching up yesterday and delivering a right […]