End of Week, End of Month, End of Quarter, End of Season

It’s the end of another week, and then I look at the calendar and realise it’s the end of the month. But then it’s not only that, it’s the end of March, marking the end of the first quarter of the year – yes, I think like a banker now – and in a way it’s what marks for me the end of the summer, where you know now that the seasonal change is truly underway and the hope for warmer days fade.

As if right on cue, it’s also the end of daylight savings, so the days become darker and shorter, and the mood shift sets in. It’s well and truly 2017, and the steady progression of the planet around the sun continues apace and the one thing you can never negotiate on feels like it passes faster and faster, time ticking away.

So many endings coming together brings a certain focus, a certain reflection on the time that has passed thus far, and an ever-regretful mood that recalls how things were left incomplete, a reminder of how much there is to do.

At the same time, there’s a degree of celebration in that reflection, understanding of how many things that were actually achieved in this time, and recalling that for all the things I can look at negatively, and all the things that preoccupy my mind disproportionately – events around the world that I have no influence on and conversely have no impact from – there are those things much closer to home that I can be happy with and draw satisfaction from.

Recently inspired by a passing conversation I happened to hear, I will be devoting some effort to reflecting weekly on the achievements and progression, noting the positives and ensuring a very practical focus – personal, local, stuff that actually matters in my personal world – is recorded in some way. I realise how much of my memory is driven by things I’ve written down and things I’ve taken photos of, and how many things and events that I just don’t recall because I didn’t do that. Everyone has their focuses and quirks – some recall conversations with ease, while others recall images; all have their own ways to work through these things, so I hope that through writing and reflecting I’m better able to keep my memory going on these small events and build up a better picture through time to know that life isn’t wasted.

So here goes.

This week, I got things done at work; we had a new person join, and it was gratifying to share and assist with getting this person up to speed and getting going. It’s part of my role as the manager to do that, but seeing some of that start to come through with immediate effect is awesome.

In my studies, I started learning some new skills and exploring a new programming language (R) to help me understand the course material better. It’s an interesting challenge to think in a way that I’ve never really considered before – starting from the statistician’s point of view – and finding that a programming language is available somehow clicks in my brain. I also completed a test for these new skills, and was very pleased with the result – that I’m still learning (Ancora imparo – my alma mater’s motto) and able to understand these new concepts was immensely satisfying. Whether I’ll use it or not is still an open question, but it’s an arrow in my quiver.

In my personal life… well…. I’ll leave that aside for now ;) But I promise to share more soon.

(500 words – well this got way more than I had intended. Let’s see how much I keep this up. I’m happy to see how these words flow despite not having done this for years.)

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