the daily column


I live! Just.

Stuff has been happening, but nothing blog-worthy (or blog-able), and no ponderous thoughts have been appearing either, which leads to a general twiddling of thumbs.

So what does one do when one has nothing to discuss? One… talks about the weather. And can I just say once more, it is bloody freezing up in this joint. When the footpath is covered in a thin layer of frost-ice in the morning, and your breath mists instantly even during midday, it’s cold. When you’re walking to work at dawn and the sun sets shortly after lunch, you know it’s not exactly cheer-inducing.

The only consolation is that at least the sun can be seen – it’s not a constant grey sky with drizzling rain, as promised by the usual pattern. That is a double-edged sword though, as clear sky means colder, and with the sun holding little warmth, it’s no wonder people retreat inside at the earliest moment. I’m not sure what it means to feel warm just naturally, anymore…

Holidays coming up! woohooo~!

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