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  • Lockdown

    Hey so remember when 2020 started and the nation was on fire and we’d just had 2 years of severe drought and we thought, how screwed are we? None so screwed. Only then, February rolled around, and so did some ex-tropical storms bringing half a decade’s worth of rain to be the saviour, and whilst […]

  • The Web of Broken Links

    I went to link to this today, because I thought it was hilarious and insightful and speaks to something within me as a frequent traveller: “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sleeping Positions on a Plane” from The Washington Post – and since I found it especially perfect a post, I thought I’d put it here on […]

  • Three and a half years on

    Three and a half years ago, in a fit of madness, I decided I had enough of having free time, and signed up to go back to university for an MBA. Boy, did I underestimate how much time that would take up. Even more so than that, I didn’t think of how much might change […]

  • On Problem Solving

    I caught myself today acting a bit strange. [Ed: you finally noticed?] Ok ok I mean stranger than usual. [Ed: how could you tell?] Conversations with imaginary editors [Ed: oi] aside, I found myself sitting in my car, having returned from a busy day at work, playing a game I found yesterday called Really Bad Chess. It’s […]

  • Sonder through public meditation

    If you’ve not experienced sonder [ref]”The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one’s own, which they are constantly living despite one’s personal lack of awareness of it.” (wiktionary)[/ref] before, or not done so in a while, here’s a neat public meditation exercise that you can do that’ll open up new worlds: Pick […]

  • Jury Duty: As It Happened

    Back in April this year, I got a letter in the mail from the Office of the Sheriff for NSW. For a minute there I thought this had to be a fake, but who fakes a letter in the year 2017? For that matter in the year 2017, how do we have a sheriff? Isn’t […]

  • The Super-aggregators

    Ben Thompson of Stratechery writes of Facebook & to a lesser extent Google’s model here: What makes Facebook and Google unique is that not only do they have zero transaction costs when it comes to serving end users, they also have zero transaction costs when it comes to both suppliers and advertisers. An interesting way […]

  • Winter’s over

    Winter’s over before it got cold. I mean, like, really properly cold. I think went out of my way this year to get exposed to something resembling the winter of old – biting cold that makes you happy to be inside. I went to Melbourne and to the mountains and to the valleys outside Sydney […]

  • Then it was Ma- Jun- July. 

    A draft starts in April, and then it was May. And despite the fact that May feels like the longest month ever – did you realise it’s 31 days? Does anything actually happen in May after May Day? A day so boring they couldn’t even come up with a more interesting name for it? Is […]

  • That Special Someone

    There’s an instinct that seems to drive people to want to be with a specific other person; “pair bonding” as the scientific term might go. It’s a natural instinct that you can explain away as pure biology, but of course humans have coopted this notion into something else entirely and put our own complicated spin […]