Bangkok, In Transit

Ungodly hour of 3 AM in Sydney, but it’s nearing midnight here. Managed to catch a few winks. 

Bangkok airport is huuuuge. Like, massive.

Business class travel is… ok… eheheh, that may sound a little like a bit of a cop-out, but I think I may have built up an image in my head which far exceeds expectations. Sure, there’s acres of leg room and you don’t have to contend with people leaning back, but the “pods” that BA has are.. strange. You sit either facing front or back – I was back – and are almost facing someone going the other way. Think of an S – you’re sitting in the “blanks” of the S. There’s so much storage room and places to move around though, and the service is excellent – the only place it fails is living up to my deluded (first-class?) expectations I guess =) I was on the upper deck! Surprisingly smaller than I thought. But none the less, wow!

It has also totally spoilt the idea that I could ever return to economy for anything other than… well, economic reasons. *le sigh* And ever aspirational, I now look forward once more… =/

Also, the night sky is even more gorgeous from the air on a darkened aircraft. Not to mention the patchwork of lights – a vertiable constellation in itself – below when flying over populated areas.

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