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Going now

I’m going to miss… juice bars. Seriously. There’s nothing like Boost there. Indeed, the places to eat for lunch all suck over there. Australia is surprisingly awesome about those things.

I’d say I’m going to miss y’all too but that would just be weak. So. I’m not. We’ll keep in touch.

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Take care man, hope the flight’s not too bad. But since you are in business class, I am sure you’ll be fine.

Have fun working with Ove, Mehran and Scott face-to-face :D

well uh… we have jamba juice and other smoothie places. I don’t think there’s the kind of bar where they just have JUICE though… sadly, I’ve been to more oxygen bars.

hahaha no I didn’t mean “bar” in that sense, I meant stuff like jamba juice :) Our most popular is probably Boost Juice.

Though many bars are starting to serve a wide repertoire of mocktails, which is more or less the same thing…

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