That sound? A million geeks crying out in satisfaction

Blizzard has dropped StarCraft II, after years and years of speculation.

Much like Warcraft III, they went down the 3D path. I’m still not convinced 3D is necessary for RTS, but if it’s Blizzard, then it’s the way of the future right? They’ve set the trend for years. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see what the reaction is, given how attached people are to the original now (something that was never so deep for the Warcraft series).

And how long until World of Starcraft? It can only be so long…

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3D is necessary for the articulation and various angles you will see the units at. In the current age of graphics technology, the models and textures that are produced can easily equal and/or surpass any sprite based animation.

I don’t know why on earth you would still prefer 2D… what spurs that thought?

I don’t think 3D adds enough to the experience – yes, camera angle etc does make a difference, and it can also let you account for slopes/height advantage, but the fundamental point of RTS is strategy, right? Strategy which is ultimately focused on unit placement and defence structuring. I think the animation of the units can get in the way. Ultimately, I just don’t think it adds enough to justify the change-for-sake-of-change and performance cost.

That is to say: my computer is totally out of date and I don’t particularly feel like upgrading :)

I’m with you on that.

Warcraft has never really grabbed my attention. It was nice and all but the 3D was slightly off-putting. Didn’t feel like an RTS as much as it did almost a hybrid between RTS and RPG.

If they did get a World of Starcraft off the ground…I think I’d be able to justify it…maybe? I don’t know…it would mean an upgrade on my part and getting a desktop.

I think WarIII was intended to be half-RTS, half-RPG – the heroes are basically geared to that hybrid play mode. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but the 3D units didn’t add much. It does look pretty, but ultimately it’s a distraction (same goes for CivIV and its 3D-isation)

It’s a wait-and-see, ultimately.

Kelson: haha i didn’t tell you to click & play at work!

I will probably never play world of starcraft… because I like fantasy so much better than sci fi anyway. Luckily I got starcraft I for free from a friend so at least I know how it works now. I miss the WoW days.

haha, Starcraft is practically an institution =) I wouldn’t be surprised at World (Universe?) of Startcraft, though I’d be a little disappointed at the lack of originality.

I still say Blizzard’s best was Diablo – oh the hours I wasted…

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