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  • Amazon makes the checkout chick redundant

    I mean, even more so than previously: I wonder where people are going to get the money to pay for these fancy computer monitored grocery stores.

  • Sony’s Design History

    This collection of photos from Sony’s design history is beautiful and demonstrative of some amazing stuff that came out of Sony over the years. Always loved their gear. So much seemingly definitional and advanced stuff they made, and it all seemed to end with Howard Stringer’s time at the helm. (partly also thinking of the story […]

  • Douglas Adams lays out the roadmap for technology

    I’m an avowed Douglas Adams fan, and this is just pure evidence that he died way, way too soon – written in 1989: All I want to do is print from my portable. (Poor baby). That isn’t all I want in fact. I want to be able regularly to transfer my address book and diary […]

  • iPhone Photography

    Beautifully presented comparison of the photographic capabilities of every iPhone to date Still love the colours/textures from the 3GS there – was a big step up for phone photography all those years ago.

  • Can you hear the difference?

    Blind test: can you hear the difference between uncompressed WAV, 320kbps MP3 and 128kbps MP3? I got an awful 2 of 6 for picking the WAV, though thankfully I never picked the 128kbps MP3… but it’s a close run thing.

  • A.I. is coming

    Google (where else) develops computer program capable of learning tasks independently, is training it on computer games from the 80s (so far). I’m… really not sure that’s a great idea to start A.I. learning the most efficient methods to get high scores on games that will often involve killing… (nobody say Skynet!)

  • Subscribing to Wikipedia

    Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. — Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia When you think about how many sites around the web are entirely powered off the back of advertising rather than direct money, it’s kind of astonishing something as […]

  • All Roads Lead Back to WebOS

    All mobile OS roads lead back to WebOS: While WebOS is dead, the cards interface has flourished. Windows Phone, Android, and iOS all adopted a very similar multitasking view. In addition, safari and chrome replaced their tab view to a cards view with the same gestures as well. Frankly, it would be a lie to […]

  • 1×1.gif

    Only 90s web developers will get this: Towards the end of the golden era of HTML, CSS appeared on the scene, promising a world of separating content from style, and we’ve been dealing with that disaster ever since. The absolute first thing we did with CSS was use it to stop underlining links. Overnight, the […]

  • Failbook

    Bronte Capital on the ‘Failbook’ IPO: The Wall Street Journal… derides Michael Grimes (the Morgan Stanley Banker) for not standing up to David Ebersman (Facebook’s CFO) and allowing Facebook to sell too many shares at too high a price. This is tits-up-backward. David Ebersman in this context is the client. He paid the fees. Michael Grimes had […]