The hardest thing about these things is coming up with this stuff

I don’t know, stuff is happening but then stuff isn’t really happening.

My sister’s moved out. It’s a little different, because she was the one that did most talking. We’re compensating though, and anyway she’s still calling regularly. Adelaide sounds like a nice town.

Been listening to Hilltop Hoods a lot more recently =D Sweet hip hop.

Oscars were good this year, though I thought Ellen held back a bit. The winners were for the most part deserving, though cases could be made for various others to have got it (Rinko Kikuchi was robbed).

Coming down to Melbourne on the 17th and heading back up the next day. Nathan’s put his wedding in an entirely too-far-away place, so there will be little time for much else =( However, I am flying basically free thanks to my trip to London (mm frequent flyer points), so it’s not so bad from my perspective :) Now if I can just work out everything else around that trip…

A week in Singapore at the end of next month for training, to be followed some point later by 6 – 9 months in London for my second “rotation”. I have no idea what I’m going to do in London this time around; I’ve mostly seen everything around there I intended to last time because I thought I wouldn’t be back any time soon. I’m not even sure I want to go to London… but then again I’d be mad to turn it down. Anyone even thinking about a trip to Europe this year can assume I’ll have at least a couch for you to crash on for whatever time you might be in London, so put some more thought into it – it’s worth at least 30 pounds, or $75 a night =P If you haven’t thought about any trip like that yet: get to thinking!

Iemma vs Debnam (NSW Election): Iemma, but not because of any convincing reason, just because he’s got the lead and he’s not going around talking about job cuts.

Rudd vs Howard: moving into the too-close-to-call zone, as opposed to a clear Liberal win. Very interesting move to throw Maxine McKew against Howard in a must-win seat – wouldn’t it be such delicious irony if the Liberals still won but Howard lost? Oh I would cackle long and loud. I suppose I’ll be voting from it from London.

I think too many people know about this blog now. There are downsides to getting recognition on Google. Perhaps scary when acquaintence comes up and talks about “that last fiction post”.

Yeah, Hiya dude. >.>;

… Which is part of the reason I don’t post so much anymore; it used to be anonymity to some extent, but now it’s more of a visible platform. And staying on the stage isn’t something I do so easily without losing some of the original feeling…

4 Replies to “The hardest thing about these things is coming up with this stuff”

  1. I think that I feel somewhat the same, which is why my blog is so sparse. I think a blog’s good for testing out the more hidden parts of one’s personality and without feeling free to say whatever then everything gets stifled.

    P.S. Look out for the naughty Kirsty website :P

  2. Somehow, I can seem to relate to that while I don’t see myself having that type of visibility. I still feel hidden away in my little corner.

  3. The solution is to spend the time you would have spent writing blog posts on redesigning the site. By the time you finish, all the readers would have gotten bored and moved on.

  4. kirsty: but it used to be a brain dump, a place where i could just talk out those crazy ideas, and maybe have a few friends respond. Now I can’t dump those crazy ideas because I’m not sure who is going to see and .. yeah >.>

    peter: haha it’s only a matter of time =)

    Jack: yeah I can do that without even needing to redesign…

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