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In the works, v2

The first rule of blogging is: don’t talk about work. It’s a cardinal rule, the violation of which can result in much pain and regret in future.


So back in October last year, I foreshadowed going overseas for my “second rotation”, but didn’t really follow up on it here – effectively, the idea had been shut down between then and January. When I spoke to HR early in the year, the final nails had been prepared for the coffin of the idea… but then, along comes the senior manager, and asks if I’m ready to go to London.

Am I.

Some complicating factors aside that I may or may not detail, that’s just blew-my-mind huge chance I’d never miss. I’d be over there for 6 to 7 months at least, from around April to at least the end of the year. Many details remain to be told, but chances are looking good.

(and then there’s that sneaky little bit of me that clings to the complicating factors, and the whole idea of “Damn just have some stability for a while!” and hopes this jinxes it just like before… down, evil traitorous thoughts!)

Oh and I got a bonus and a raise! I’m now earning roughly one and half times what I was expecting to earn for a few years to come when I imagined things back at the start of uni. Teh sweetness.

But keep it hush, you.

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Er…yeah about updates, my hosting ran out so I’m without a site right now. I’ll probably get it back up and running eventually though. Ford’s cool though. Nice people, not so good working environment (read asbestos) but I get to tinker with WIPs.

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