Electric Sheep

Ever found something that you’d always heard about, but never managed to track down for real? A feeling of satisfaction fills you as you realise that now, finally, you can find out exactly what everyone was blabbing about all these years. You might even expect it to be good, because, well, everyone talks about it, don’t they?

You even feel a little guilty, because once you pretended you knew, and while you got away with it, you wanted to be sure next time they couldn’t catch you on the hop.

So: now you’ve found it. And naturally, you’re going to indulge yourself, because if it’s as good as everyone has said it is – and that’s a lot of people, so the effect is cumulative even – it doesn’t matter how much time, money or effort it takes. Finally, you too can join the all-knowing club. Satisfaction is imminent!

But when you, it falls flat. In fact, it falls so short of the hyped impression you had you wonder if you got the right one. No, the packet says it’s the right one, the core bits show it’s the right one, but…. oh dear. You’ve fallen into the hype trap!

In fact, it’s so bad, you’re now inclined to go back to those very people, the hyping majority, those overpowering sheep, and throw it right back at ’em. Argue! Disagree! Dispel the myth!

Find out if one of them has been lying about it themselves!

Blade Runner? That’s the one for me. Bah, silly waste of time.

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You never had to do it in English? That ruined it for me. ;)

It’s a film geek’s film, that’s for sure. Plenty of layers, subtexts, quotes and vagaries to keep people debating it on internet message boards for decades. It’s just a shame it dated so badly.

It’s got layers etc, but I think the plot is just stretched too thin. It was interesting to reflect on how much influence it had, but the fact that I had time to do that! :)

You know, every time I think of Blade Runner, I always think the chick’s going to say “you scruffy lookin’ nerf-herder” to Harrison Ford…

I’ve never read the book and the movie wasn’t crash hot either, but it was still better than most.

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