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  • The Role of Shame in Politics

    And so at long last, we reach US Election Day 2016, when a reckoning has finally come for the American political system – the candidates perfectly set up as the establishment facing the insurgents, the know-nothing Donald Trump squaring off against the know-it-all Hillary Clinton. How did we get like this? How did we get […]

  • The Trust Issue

    Apparently, the biggest single issue that “ordinary Australians” have with Julia Gillard is that she has “lied” about introducing a carbon tax, breaking an election promise. It goes without saying that Gillard is far from the first PM to have broken a election promise, let alone one about tax; the difference is this time, her […]

  • Freedom is not Free

    I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the Mumbai terror blasts and shootings yesterday – the situation still continues today, with a seige at the two hotels targeted still underway. Over 100 are dead, scores injured and the damage both physical and psychological as yet uncounted. I’m usually one to argue in favour of civil […]

  • The Apple Macbook Battery Swindle

    According to Apple’s service department, laptop batteries are considered “consumables”. Any use you get out of your MacBook battery after 1 year, the warranty period, is “a bonus” that you should be “grateful for” (their words!). I don’t ask for much, but for a battery to go from holding 98% of maximum charge to holding […]

  • Frustration

    I’ve got a new thought: instead of sending off that email flame to the intended recipient, send it to yourself first. Read it an hour later, and try to figure out whether it’s just that they are a pompus ass, just don’t get it, and have ended up winding you up; or whether you’ve actually […]

  • Not Goddamn Happy, Jan

    Today… today was just about the worst day I’ve had at work, ever. It’s the kind of day where you genuinely think of throwing in the towel, and wonder what it will achieve. Getting out while the going is good is no longer an option because the going is no longer good. Mondays are never […]

  • Suspicious much?

    If you’re unloading or loading a truck at 1AM at night in a residential zone… something a little sus is going on, no? You’re lucky however that people would far prefer you to hurry up so they can get to sleep, rather than actively trying to do anything about it. Just shut the hell up […]

  • Electric Sheep

    Ever found something that you’d always heard about, but never managed to track down for real? A feeling of satisfaction fills you as you realise that now, finally, you can find out exactly what everyone was blabbing about all these years. You might even expect it to be good, because, well, everyone talks about it, […]

  • What Cricket?

    I genuinely feel sorry for the English; it’s not like they’re that bad, actually. Any other side in the world, they’d do fine (probably), especially if they put this much effort into it. It’s just that the Aussies are just that little bit more arrogant, that little bit more self-believing, that they’ll put in those […]

  • Oh… Bother.

    It would appear that I cannot simultaneously have a decent umbrella and a good scarf. Went and bought a good umbrella yesterday, for the London trip, and in the perfect way to top off a day that had just gone downhill from about 7:30 in the morning when I found out where I was staying […]