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In the works

It’s been an exciting week here in London – the weather has turned ugly! Rain, wind, generic miserable London weather prevades, and pretty much all the other (i.e. non-IT) graduates are gone.

*sigh* I wanna go home… how nice is it there? The beeaaaaaaach! The beach awaits!

Something exciting really did happen last week, though, when my manager was on his annual trip to London. Y’see, one of the grads from NY supports the application I work on back in Sydney. What makes this at all exciting beyond the shared frustrations of two grads is that my company has a policy of mobility and rotations, with the prospect of international movement as well… very interesting.

Speaking to my manager about this idea, I have approval to, upon my return, persue the prospect of doing a rotation – roughly 6 months – in New York next year. The basic business idea behind this is that I bring more detailed knowledge about the app as I go to NY, and when I return I have an exposure of the support side and everything that entails.

I still have to build a business case and get approval from various managers all around the world, but they do seem open to the prospect. There’s no doubt I certainly am excited by the prospect of 6 months in NY (so long as that includes summer)… so, I have something further to look forward to next year, possibly. I talk this down because if it doesn’t come through, it’ll be a massive non-event. Then again, if it does………

eheheheh. I like multinational companies.

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Muhahhahaa… you are going into Ged-Apps. Be prepared for us to stop responding to Ged-Apps NY emails and you taking care of all of it.

Having said that, going to NY would be a great (best) opportunity in the bank, coz you get to sit next to Ajay (Global Head of GME IT), which will get you places.

kirsty: lol, coming from you, you Law-CS double major who will get hired the moment you walk in the door? :P

Nathan: hehehe :) We have a couple of engineering grads here in the IT program, I reckon you could do better than them

Kelson: hahah I have your phone number :D

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