two one

This is supposed to be “the big one”… but stuffed if I know why. 15, 18, 20, they felt big. This one…?

Well, I’m in London. I’m on an expenses-paid trip. It’s 5 o’clock. I have some great friends who want to take me out. It’s about as big as it will ever get, I’d suspect, and there’s more promised when I return.

It’s supposed to be big, but it doesn’t seem to be.

No regrets though! Smile & Enjoy!

(i could make my souvineers bill much cheaper by just bringing stuff for those who actually remembered, were I to be vindictive like that :P)

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  1. *sings* happy b’day to you, happy b’day to you, happy b’day to dear Mr Karan, happy b’day to you :D

    lots love from all of us here in oz :)

    you should tell us what you got up to, prezzies etc

  2. Hope you’ve gotten over the hangover!

    Happy birthday mate.

    Hope they aint working you too hard in London.

    Btw, Neil’s leaving.

  3. Happy Birthday ^__^

    sigh…. so young….

    p.s. you shouldn’t get me anything, but you SHOULD still send me postcards ^__^

    have fun man!

  4. Cheers guys =)

    Nathan: man, totally forgot to send you something last week too. Hope you had a good day!

    kirsty: much too many tales to tell already :D

    gyan: lol I don’t feel much of either yet ;)

    kelson: didn’t I tell you I’m a no-hangover man! =) sucks that neil’s leaving though…

    fay: I’ve got a stack to write already, gonna get it underway soon enough =)

  5. haha, my exact train of thought about the ‘specialty’ behind the number… Meh, why couldn’t it be 20? (like in Japan) or some other arbitrary number? I guess we’re all just accustomed to “21” being an excuse to celebrate bigger than usual =P

    Anyway, just wanna wish you a big happy birthday! Not many get to spend it overseas with expenses-paid =)

  6. hui-ai: how was it? wrestle some crocs? :D didn’t eat any cake actually… but had the best indian restaurant food, anywhere. fullstop and all that.

    celina: thanks, as always~ :)

  7. ken: sorry man, didn’t check the moderated comments list :) But yeah, it’s a decent celebration :D thanks man, i am lucky with that, but i would want to spend it with more friends too :D

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