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I’m well overdue for posting something here, but things have been, somewhat inevitably, hectic around here. I’m never able to be a comfortable packer – I always think I’m forgetting things that I take for granted, and as a reaction I end up packing more than I really need to. I’ve travelled enough times that it shouldn’t be such an issue, but I’m yet to get to the state of just knowing what I need to throw in my bag.

A couple of friends have been lucky enough to get grad positions, and to hear the uncertainty disappear from their voices is both amusing and pleasing. Even if right after that I drive in various stabbing implements by listing all those things that work brings along with it – like this morning, I was talking on the train to a friend who’s moving to Melbourne for work. I went back over my experience, and he looked fairly terrified at the prospect by the time we rolled into to Central. I sent him off with a hopefully-reassuring “… but you’ll do fine!”, but I might not put it past him to call them up and cancel =)

Still, seeing this process as someone who’s been through it reminds me of all the highs and lows of it. It’s a valuable experience to go through, regardless of whether you end up getting a job or not. I occasionally still have to pinch myself and remember this isn’t some temporary work placement, and that I won’t be returning to uni next week. The trip to London at the end of the week is sure to hammer it home – I’m very lucky with where I’ll be, I think (down the street from the Queen! ;D)

All in all, it’s a rush week in which too many things are happening in not enough time… ah, c’est la vie~

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That’s funny because I am in London right now and I will be going home tomorrow.

Dammit, we’ll just miss each other! :(

(before you say anything, I am posting this via an Australian proxy server)

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