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New Design

Welcome to Pushing the Sky v3, or as I’ll dub it, “The much-too-lazy edition”. I poked around wordpress for a weekend and a half, but I couldn’t come up with anything I spectacularly liked, so I stuck Hemmingway in there and think I made good.

It’s a bit of a departure, ain’t it? Hmm.

I’ve modified this theme enough to say it wasn’t a total slap-dash job, and I intend to look at further modifications in the next few days, but this would have to be it for most expectations. Which isn’t really a bad thing – it is a very sweet theme, I’d say.

I’ve chosen it because I think it’ll be more suited to the style of posting that I anticipate when I’m in London – less frequent, more long winded posts I came up with somewhere beforehand. The most recent post will be on the left, and will be in full text. The second most recent post will be on the right, and will be just the “excerpt”, so you’ll have to click through to see more. Do try, because the full-post page is sweet! =)

I’ve retained Asides, though it’s questionable how often they’ll be updated. Still, it is there! Look below the mysterious fold. Older posts are listed below the Asides, and the search box has also returned. And did I mention the links! Shall add to that imminently.

From my simple analysis of the visitor figures, this theme also tends to suit you guys; once a post has crossed the first couple of days/posts, it disappears off the radar and is only ever later encountered by searchers. We’ll see how true that is as we go, but I think that’s where blog design is heading, or at least should be.

None the less, I hope you enjoy!

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hahah, it’s deceptive with that – it’s actually got a lot more going on than my previous design, but it’s clearly laid out so it doesn’t feel crowded. I bowed to it simply because I recognise when I’m way outdone :D

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