Category: pushing the sky

  • Back online

    So my site was offline with a bad plugin for just over 2 weeks, and I had no idea. I used to check this shit daily. Goddamn WordPress plugins are so. fucking. frustrating. Fantastic in theory, easy bit of functionality to extend the system, but the biggest source of vulnerabilities in the software, so you feel […]

  • HTTPS The Sky

    Oh hey would you look at that, I’ve got HTTPS now. Why? HTTPS is faster HTTPS keeps communications secure. This should be more normalised, particularly with laws like in the UK and Australia allowing governments to snoop on web history and metadata. Hey, the green padlock is legit, ok?

  • WordPress 3.2

    Updated to WordPress 3.2 – very slick interface in the back end now. But that aside, my god is this Twenty Eleven theme included by default beautiful. Comment, spam, etc to the usual places.

  • WPtouch plugin installed

    Bit of administrivia – I’ve installed the WPtouch plugin here, which ensures the site looks fancy and iPhone-app like on your “iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini mobile, Palm Pre [or] BlackBerry Storm” device – now while I suspect it’ll be a while before I have any significant audience on that, it certainly does tidy […]

  • Add New Post

    I remember once upon a time I’d discover a new blog and spend hours going backwards through time to try to reach the first post. It felt practically necessary – the only way context could be sufficiently established, that you could follow along with new developments. In the days before RSS – that is, only […]

  • WordPress 2.5

    Updated to WordPress 2.5; lemme know if you spot any issues.

  • Woo Haitus

    On break, this week is all kinda nuts at work; next week probably will be too. In the mean time… keep a watch on, maybe.

  • “Homepage”

    When did this place become a ‘blog’ instead of a ‘homepage’? Or was it ever a ‘homepage’? I remember back in the day (10 whole years ago!), people didn’t have ‘blogs’, they had ‘home pages’. It was different for one reason: a blog you’re expected to update, and is supposed to be for people to […]

  • Still pushing the sky

    Pushing the sky has had its stay of execution, and for now lives on for at least another year. Now, for me to actually go do something with it. What say you to the prospect of a forum again? (Yes yes, I know, but I’m partial to forums okay?)

  • WordPress w/Tags

    Updated to WordPress 2.3 without too much difficulty; seems like things are running pretty cruisy around here, without too many headline changes beyond the tags. I’ve always been a little skeptical of tags, as it seems a little bit of categorical overkill, so for the moment I’m holding back, tagging posts but not showing the […]