Month: September 2013

  • Norweigan Prime Minister drives a taxi for a day

    Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg drives a taxi for a day, doesn’t reveal who he is until the passenger gets an inkling. Fascinating to see the attitudes on display, and how comfortable and casual things are. Can’t imagine that happening with any of the Aussie PMs since Hawke.

  • Thanks Abbott

    My internet was slow yesterday. I’m blaming Abbott already. Where’s my real NBN? As you might imagine, even knowing with what’s coming, I’m not a happy camper following the election. The Coalition romped home, and no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig that was the result for progressive parties, the shambles in […]

  • Don’t be an Idiot on Saturday

    As Australians should express it: don’t be a fucking idiot on Saturday.

  • Politics trashing the NBN

    Houses and Holes on Macrobusiness reflects much the same view I have in my Election 2013 post below – sheer politics is getting in the way of good policy: Deloitte acknowledges that this is not a cost benefit analysis. But if we’re talking about a $25-$30 billion uplift in household standard’s of living per annum, even […]

  • Coalition dog-whistle politics continues

    Scott Morrison comes to the defence of Fiona Scott’s “Asylum seekers clogging the M4” comment: “We’ve had 50,000 people turn up over the last five years,” he said; “in addition to that we have 20,000 people who have been released into the community under the government’s policies and they have principally been released into south-western […]

  • Election 2013

    I wonder how long the general public cottons onto the fact that campaign launches are as much a marker of how much money a campaign wants to get out of the public purse as it is of a cohesive platform launch. Again this year, Labor and Liberal parties left their campaign “launches” until the latter […]

  • Gruber’s selective memory on Disney

    John Gruber, arguing for Nintendo to just develop for iOS, states his admiration for Disney: One thing that has long fascinated me about Walt Disney was that he was always looking for the next big thing, and never worried about protecting the last big thing. This really doesn’t square with Disney’s long-term support for the […]