Thanks Abbott

My internet was slow yesterday. I’m blaming Abbott already. Where’s my real NBN?

As you might imagine, even knowing with what’s coming, I’m not a happy camper following the election. The Coalition romped home, and no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig that was the result for progressive parties, the shambles in the Senate or the infighting that’s engulfed Labor afterwards1 is all just a bad situation.

The incoming government’s not setting a great tone, either. First, there’s the delay in recalling parliament til November, thereby removing any chance that there’ll be changes worth mentioning in the first 100 days. Second, there’s the clearly vindictive sacking of Bracks from the position of Consul General in New York – say what you will about jobs-for-the-boys being standard operating procedure on both sides, Rudd at least handed out some for the Coalition boys post-2007. Thirdly, well, they’re all just a bunch of smug bastards anyway.

On the other hand, Sophie Mirabella may not be re-elected, and we do have Barnaby Joyce joining the lower house, which should make for some amusing moments in question time at least. A pity Jaymes Diaz didn’t make it in (wouldn’t you love to see the Dixers from him? They’d be priceless), but on the other hand we have the fringe parties in the Senate to contend with; Family First just won’t die, Palmer United is about to send “the Brick with Eyes” to represent QLD (apt? possibly), the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party guy throws kanagroo poo for amusement, and there’s a dude with less than 2000 votes whose policies amount to “Sports are good” who will represent the great state of WA come July 1 next year. It’s an injustice that Xenophon got 25% of the vote in SA but gets only 1 seat because of preferences.

Here’s to the next three years being amusing, at least. Regular programming will return shortly.

1. seriously, they can’t keep it in their proverbial pants even after the election with this leadership stuff, discussing it openly in the media?

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Strange how Abbott’s going to stop the boats on day 1 of his watch and yet apparently the parliament don’t need to do anything for a month. I don’t see how sitting on their asses will solve the “budget emergency” either – maybe he’s hoping the Syria issue will go away by then so that Julie Bishop don’t have an opportunity to stuff it up.

As for Labor, they deserve all this pain the moment they decided to knife Rudd in the first place. Rudd’s been quiet since the election but some Labor MPs (or ex-MPs even) decided they wanted to vent and decide who is the MP for Griffin rather than the electorate. Rudd clearly loves the party or else he should declare himself an independent and win the seat again.

I hope Shorten is forced to drink from the poisoned chalice as pay back for his role in the disunity (and hence forcing Abbott upon us).

I’m forever gutted that Dyaz is now associated with a moron candidate rather than a gorgeous woman. And any policy with the philosophy of “sport is good” is probably a step up from “racist is good”.

Shorten: “Pick me because I can’t stab myself in the back!”

I’m pleased there’s more than one announced candidate, let’s see how their experiment with open democratic choice of leader plays out. Hopefully they learn some lessons from the coalition’s discipline in opposition.

Don’t worry, Jaymes will fade from the limelight shortly and you can go back to your positive associations :)

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