Movie Review – Quickie Edition IV

Balls of Fury – bwahahaha! :D Love this kind of movie that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. ★★★★

Rush Hour 3 – Can you ever go wrong with a Jackie Chan movie? Makes the first two Rush Hours look like paragons of plot complexity in comparison, but it is the same old formula and it works, by and large, for a laugh at least. ★★★

You Kill Me – I’d heard practically nothing about this movie until I saw the posters for it around London, but with Ben Kingsley and Téa Leoni (I’ve had a crush on her since Bad Boys), assassins, mafia and a darkly comic atmosphere to it all… err… well, ★★☆ anyway, and it is a bit of a different story.

Aladdin – Disney classics are infinitely rewatchable, even at this age, and Aladdin is a paragon of the genre. Robin Williams rocks in ways uncountable, and Jasmine is the Disney princess with the mostest. The story is mostly tightly paced and the animation excellent – makes you wonder why 3D is pretty much the only game in town these days. ★★★☆

The Darjeeling Limited – Slightly ponderous, but mostly thoughtful and quirky in a way that does keep your attention. I’ll pardon the fact that Darjeeling is almost directly opposite (in the east) to where the movies was shot (in Rajasthan to the west). Superb and non-exploitative. Adrien Brody wins, I think, out of the three. ★★★☆

Run Fatboy Run – Simon Pegg, need I mention, knows how to do a Brit comedy. While this one isn’t as laugh-out-loud funny as Hot Fuzz, it does have a little more of the heart-touching part to it. Pegg plays a man who runs out on his pregnant wife, and 5 years later tries to win her back from a super-competitive suitor by running a marathon – and as the title might suggest, he’s not exactly fit. Also stars Dylan Moran – need I say more? :) ★★★★

Interview – Steve Buscemi writes, directs and stars in this 80 minute pure character study alongside Sienna Miller. It’s far from action packed, but has drama aplenty as Buscemi’s down-on-his-luck journalist takes on Miller’s soap-actress-with-attitude. Feels a little dirty – a little like Buscemi just wanted an excuse to spend a few nights close-up with Miller :) ★★☆

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Gosh you’ve been watching as many movies as I have. I’m booored.

But I’ve been skimming the “best movies of 2007” lists and hitting the ones I find interesting. To be perfectly honest, I love Rush Hour 3 more than some of the hard-hitting dramas I have watched. Jackie Chan is my hero.

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