Month: November 2007

  • Crash Test Videos

    Car Crash Test Videos: the Smart ForTwo (70mph, full head on) vs the Chery Amulet (don’t know speed, partial head on). The Smart comes off remarkably well, while the Chery completely collapses to the B pillar (i.e. a Bad Thing). (via) (bonus! A plane in a crash test against a wall completely disintegrating)

  • We the Robots

    New favourite web comic of the week: We the Robots. It’s so very wrong, and yet so very, very good.

  • The Rat is Gone

    Howard lost! Can’t believe it’s finally happened. I mean, it’s been looking like it was going to happen for the last month for sure, even more so at the start of the week, but it was just like supporting the Indian cricket team – you look only through the cracks in your fingers, hoping against […]

  • Going North

    (Ed: backdated for lack of internet access) Perhaps the best demonstration that England was the place where the train was invented, pioneered, is the sheer number of lines and stations that criss cross the capital – the Underground aside, there is at least 10 ‘main line’ stations just within the Underground’s ‘Zone 1’, nominally the […]

  • The Future of Reading

    The Future of Reading  (A Play in Six Acts): Mark Pilgrim’s insightful words on Amazon’s new Kindle device.

  • “Homepage”

    When did this place become a ‘blog’ instead of a ‘homepage’? Or was it ever a ‘homepage’? I remember back in the day (10 whole years ago!), people didn’t have ‘blogs’, they had ‘home pages’. It was different for one reason: a blog you’re expected to update, and is supposed to be for people to […]

  • Movie Review: The Prestige

    “The audience knows the truth; the world is simple, miserable, solid all the way through. But if you can fool them, even for a second, then you can make them wonder, then you get to see something very special – you really don’t know it? It was the look on their faces.” Wow. What a […]

  • Restaurant Review

    A truly masterful restaurant review: “[M]y great-grandfather… was the one who had the gumption to escape the region of Eastern Europe which has supplied Divo’s inspiration. He saved me from having to eat this stuff every day. Thank you Josef. I owe you. This is jounralism to print out and frame (via).

  • Three Panel Soul

    The guys from MacHall are back and I didn’t even know it! The comic is Three Panel Soul, and it is muchos sweetness. (no, really)

  • Autumn in London

    There is a chill in the air that is undeniable now, a distinct snap to the edge of the wind that makes it much too tempting to stay indoors at all times. It was exactly a year ago that I was leaving London for home, glad to be escaping the creeping cold and dark that […]