The Rat is Gone

Howard lost!

Can’t believe it’s finally happened. I mean, it’s been looking like it was going to happen for the last month for sure, even more so at the start of the week, but it was just like supporting the Indian cricket team – you look only through the cracks in your fingers, hoping against hope that the trend that is as plain as anything eventually turns into the result desired. You could never put it past Howard’s Coalition to pull one more rabbit out of the hat.

And now our Prime Minister is one Mr. K. Rudd. (Ed: Crap, did no one look at that initialised form?) The Liberals are in disarray as the loss reverberates, Costello taking the very smart option of going while the going is worth it – good not quite being the operative term here – and who can really blame him? 13 long years he waited, and was denied time and time again.

Now as a conscientious member of the anti-establishment left-liberal chardonnay-sipping brigade, what do we do when the people we were supporting get in? Colour me miffed (a light magenta, I suspect).

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