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Found mobile


Call +447804952218 and bother whoever finds it! There’s money in it for whoever finds it (and you too!). Someone send an SMS saying these details for me? My work number is +442075472187, let them know there’s cash for handing it in.

(it’s not so much the numbers or anything, I have them backed up on my laptop, it’s more the 1gb memory stick with music, not to mention the hassle of finding a new phone -_-)

hahah… err…

So it turns out it just dropped out of my bag this morning and slipped under the kitchen table, and I didn’t hear it because I already had my iPod in. ^_^;;


the daily column

It’s a kind of litmus test

A sign that the area you’ve just moved into is kinda alright: A brand-spanking new black-as-the-night Lamborghini coupe parked outside the local cinema.

I mean, daaaaamn!


You wouldn’t credit it

It’s a cold day in hell when you’ve got me vacuuming, cleaning and ironing without any prompting.


Haneef freed

Haneef has been released after charges against him were dropped: The media circus farce isn’t over yet though, as Kevin Andrews tries hard to back pedal on the visa revocation decision.

the daily column


Fun. =D

Hard work, surprisingly. =/

Petrol fumes. =S

No bananas or boost pads =(

Went from 17th to 9th! ^_^


WTF Mate

WTF. The Japanese are even stranger than you can think.

asides review

A more succinct way to put it


the daily column



It’s not even worth joking about any more


Movie Review: Transformers

Double header review!

Transformers: The Movie (1986)

The animated cult classic! This movie was cool, man.

Except when you’ve grown up, and you look back, and realise how lame it really was. Plot? What plot? Characterisation? They’re robots… that transform! Oh and there’s a goofy kid to give you the human interest story. Um. Deus Ex Machina!


Transformers (2007)

Now this, this is proper summer blockbuster. CGI, stuff blowing up, not-quite-b-grade-but-not-A-grade acting talent, and to give it some credibility, it’s got multiple legs to its plot that all tie up together at the end.


So lemme put it this way: don’t go into this movie expecting to use your brain, because you will be too caught up in the many ways in which the plot is just pure dysfunctional that you just won’t enjoy it. This really is a popcorn thriller – you’re here for the ride. While it escapes the animated original’s major foible, in that it actually has breaks between the action to let you calm down, and it also has a much larger human cast, it doesn’t escape from the fact that shit just isn’t explained.

There are three main plot threads: (a) the US soldiers in the Middle East (Qatar, to be exact), consisting of The Guy from Las Vegas (TV show), The Guy from The Fast and the Furious, and The Guy from Prison Break. (b) is the computer analyst team, consisting of no-name stereotypes, an Aussie blonde who doesn’t look like she belongs at all, and eventually that funny overweight black guy that crops up in so many movies. Oh and they’re working with the Pentagon, so we have the Secretary of Defence, Jon Voight. Finally, we have (c), Sam, the high school kid who just wants a girlfriend, and the girl that just so happens to be the one that he wants happens to be available just as the action kicks in and Sam can be a hero.

Notice the lack of names? Only Sam, our main hero that we are supposed to identify with, is with a name that is memorable; and that’s only because it’s repeated so many times as to be drilled into you. If you remember the other names without looking it up on IMDB, lemme know.

Don’t come here looking for real plot, or indeed even proper conclusions and explanations for major characters (fer instance, we have no idea what happens to Aussie Hacker Babe). About the only thing that makes sense is that… no, no, I got nothing. Typical summer blockbuster fluff, but somehow, it’s a fun ride, right? There’s plenty of action and stuff getting blown up, no-one gets hurt too bad, and there’s a few decent jokes in there too. (Just try to keep your eyes blinkered from the product placement while they’re at it). The Deus Ex Machina at the end is entirely plausible because it makes so much sense compared to the alternative courses of action.


the daily column

Moved in and all that

I’m finally settled in and feeling like this is “home” for me, in one sense at least. And then…

And then I think, crap, only, what, 5 months to go? And I’m back to Sydney. I’m getting the moving cycles shorter and shorter, which is one thing moving (back) to Sydney was supposed to reverse.

I guess it matters less and less these days, in the context of near-instant communications and the whole e-World that makes the distance near meaningless, or at the very least lets you redefine it to your own needs. I’m at least as up to speed with Australia’s news as I am with England’s, but despite being that much closer to Europe I’m still by and large clueless as to what is happening some 300 – 400 km away on the continent (distances on Australia’s scale are near-meaningless here).

What makes it even more interesting is the people I’m sharing my flat with. One is a Japanese guy, Hiro, studying Moving Image Design. How cool does that sound? I have to make sure I get some lessons or something before I leave. Another guy is Korean, Shin, studying along with Hiro. And finally we have Eun-mi, a Korean girl, who is a hairdresser. Who studied Civil Engineering (Yeah, go figure).

What makes things a little more interesting is that both of the Koreans have Japanese partners (in place of a generic term for boyfriend/girlfriend), and as such everyone in the house has a little Japanese skill at least =) While our language is by default English, occasionally we’ll dip into Japanese. I’m finding it tough to recall those Japanese skills that I did have at one point – the value of practise is not to be underestimated.

We’re a generally smoothly functioning unit. Hiro is the “manager”, taking care of rent, bills, etc. Eun-mi moved in last week and suddenly the house in two days was completely revamped, shiny and new (which is not to say it is new; quite old and creaky in fact). Shin and Hiro between them keep the fridge stocked and the cooking going. And I… well, I’m the regular-job guy =)

There’s things around the house that need fixing, but it’s a decent little place. The location is superb for convenience – about 5 min walk to a 24 hour supermarket (except on Sundays when it’s 11 – 5…), 5 min to cinemas/entertainment complex type thing, 10 min to the station, and not to mention we’re in the old docklands area so there’s heaps of little water courses & artificial lakes from that time, which is really nice to have a stroll around. A 10 minute train ride would make it the perfect spot for commuting if the station on both ends wasn’t 10 min away from the respective destinations, and the fact that it is afterall the Tube and thus hellish in summer. Or winter.

And that for now, is life here in London.