Month: July 2007

  • Found mobile

    =( Call +447804952218 and bother whoever finds it! There’s money in it for whoever finds it (and you too!). Someone send an SMS saying these details for me? My work number is +442075472187, let them know there’s cash for handing it in. (it’s not so much the numbers or anything, I have them backed up […]

  • It’s a kind of litmus test

    A sign that the area you’ve just moved into is kinda alright: A brand-spanking new black-as-the-night Lamborghini coupe parked outside the local cinema. I mean, daaaaamn!

  • You wouldn’t credit it

    It’s a cold day in hell when you’ve got me vacuuming, cleaning and ironing without any prompting.

  • Haneef freed

    Haneef has been released after charges against him were dropped: The media circus farce isn’t over yet though, as Kevin Andrews tries hard to back pedal on the visa revocation decision.

  • Karting

    Fun. =D Hard work, surprisingly. =/ Petrol fumes. =S No bananas or boost pads =( Went from 17th to 9th! ^_^

  • WTF Mate

    WTF. The Japanese are even stranger than you can think.

  • A more succinct way to put it


  • Jebus.

    It’s not even worth joking about any more

  • Movie Review: Transformers

    Double header review! Transformers: The Movie (1986) The animated cult classic! This movie was cool, man. Except when you’ve grown up, and you look back, and realise how lame it really was. Plot? What plot? Characterisation? They’re robots… that transform! Oh and there’s a goofy kid to give you the human interest story. Um. Deus […]

  • Moved in and all that

    I’m finally settled in and feeling like this is “home” for me, in one sense at least. And then… And then I think, crap, only, what, 5 months to go? And I’m back to Sydney. I’m getting the moving cycles shorter and shorter, which is one thing moving (back) to Sydney was supposed to reverse. […]