I hate JJ Abrahms for stretching Lost so bloody long.


Periodic Table of the Internet

Wellington Grey has a “Periodic Table of the Internet”. Suffice to say there’s plenty of room for disagreement :) And LJ is “Jo”?! The hell man. On the other hand, Slashdot is “/.”


I needn’t even mention

There’s no point me even pointing out how crap the weather is now; even the locals are whinging.

(have a cold/sore throat type thing so not exactly in the mood to do anything, really.)


New 7 Wonders looking a little shaky already

07/07/07 was a cute date to pick to release a list of the “New 7 Wonders”, to update the list from the wonders of the Ancient (Greecian) World, as voted by an internet poll (can you say “donkey vote”?). The List is:

  • Great Wall of China
  • Taj Mahal
  • The ruins of Petra in Jordan
  • The Colosseum in Rome
  • The statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro
  • The Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru
  • The ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza in Mexico

Point the first: The “ancient” Mayan city? Should that not disqualify it immediately?!

Point the second: The “ruins” of Petra and Machu Picchu?! Oh, I’m suuuuuuuure they’re all well and good, pretty places that were once-upon-a-time wonders, but that doesn’t exactly qualify as a “wonder” now. Oh look, here is where they sacrificed virgins to their gods. Just imagine it, don’t mind the fact that it’s a pile of rubble now.

For what it’s worth, here’s the list I always grew up thinking was the list of wonders around now:

  • Eiffel Tower (late 19th century)
  • Statue of Liberty (mid 19th century)
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa (middle ages)
  • Taj Mahal (middle ages)
  • The Pyramids & the Sphinx (yes ok ancient)
  • Great Wall of China (early-middle ages)

Err… I’ll be honest. I couldn’t ever name the last one in the list, so my 7 were always incomplete – I always thought it was just out of the corner of my eye, metaphorically speaking, and that the 8th should/would be the Sydney Opera House (even on a world scale, it is gorgeous like you wouldn’t believe). So, what’s the 7th shortlist? I thought…

  • The Colosseum (yes ok ancient)
  • Stonehenge (yes ok ancient, very)
  • Big Ben? (19th century?)
  • Golden Gate Bridge? (20th century?)
  • Hoover Dam? (20th century)

Your suggestions?

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Moving House


(new place)


Aboriginals never stood a chance

To quote:

“In conclusion, what is at play is a radical restructuring of the recognition of indigenous rights and interests in land. This is the beginnings of a revolution in Australian law and a breaking of the consensus established through the Woodward land inquiries, the Whitlam/Fraser land rights legislation, the Mabo and Wik decisions and the Native Title Act. It cannot be under-estimated.”

John Howard never gives up on anything.

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Weather With You

So I post “Hello?”, and then manage to dodge turning up here myself for at least a couple of days. Hmmmmm.

Truth be told, I’m afraid of jinxing thing. I’m not usually superstitious or anything, but occasionally I make a connection and am terrified of tripping over the issue again. So I’ve avoided talking as much as I can about this new place I’ve got my hand up for. All things being equal I should be able to get it this time, but I put no store by it until I’m actually unpacking in there.

London’s not a kind city when it comes to real estate, it seems. Everyone’s got a story like mine. Last Sunday, in a strange twist of karma, one of the places I was looking at was offered to me along much the same conditions – if I was ready & willing to pay, I’d have the place. As average as the place was, it wasn’t a very pleasant idea to be on the other end of the stick – if only for the fact that I knew this person, who I’d have to live with for the next 6 months, would be so callous as to just go for money.

Suffice to say, I didn’t take the place – I just couldn’t. And not only that, I was re-offered the place I’m going for now, after it having been given to another who could offer a 12 month contract. This fragility is why I dare not speak of it.

The one thing I realised as I walked over to the place to hand over the money was that the weather had changed – the rain had finally broken, and the skies were clear. Maybe that’s what my luck was linked with – the summer that I was ultimately waiting for.

Sure that lasted for about an hour and a half, but hey! it was a good thought while it lasted :)

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*taps* Is this thing on? Where did everybody go?

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Google Maps officially Best Road Trip App Ever

Saw this on Friday, but wasn’t sure if it was new – Google Maps has just added a feature I’ve always wanted – the ability to drag and drop in waypoints, diverting the route. This rocks with a capital R. See demo vid here. Can you say “Road Trip Mapping“? =D