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False Advertising

While I’m at it: “Once you pop, you can’t stop” – everyone knows that one, right?

Well I tested it. And you can – indeed you have to – stop, lest you die of salt-poisoning.

the daily column

Memo: Ladies

Now, I would never presume to advise negatively on fashion, but those “formal shorts” some of you are choosing to wear these days?

What are you, twelve?

asides review

Movie Review: The Devil Wears Prada

Mother’s day special – Anne Hathaway is cute, Meryl plays dead straight on the boss-from-hell type, and the rest is largely forgettable fluff. Maybe one for the ladies if you’re out to spot fashion. ★★

pushing the sky

Rotating Heads

In case you haven’t noticed, the header image (up there. look up. no, not if you’re in a news reader *sigh*) rotates with images that I’ve taken from around my gorgeous, gorgeous city (can’t you tell how much I’m in love with it?), and I’ve just added a few more. Refresh (or just wait till your next visit) if you’d like to see more.

For the record, here are the places I took the photos:

  • The wide harbour ones (e.g. bridge and house): Circular Quay station (most gorgeous place to get on/off a train)
  • The closer-up shots of the Opera House: From the boss’ desk at work
  • Flowers: just outside the garage
  • Tall ship (the one with the sails) and the city skyline: On a Manly ferry last year
  • Smiley yellow face: from the kitchen
  • Long sweeping shore: Bald Hill Lookout, between Sydney and Wollongong
  • Inner harbour (sunset): From the meeting room next to my desk
  • Blue smiley + ornate vase: the family room

… and I think that’s it… but I’ll try to keep fresh ones coming :)


Business Card Envy

Creative Cards: Now I think mine was more than a little boring and bog standard =(


You can stand under my umbrella, Rihanna

New favourite song of the week (TV is so last week week before last): Rihanna – Umbrella (ft. Jay-Z)

the daily column

oh hai, I has full licence

After 5 years of driving, finally, I am licenced with no conditions! I can finally peel off that P plate which has been clinging to my car window for 3 years straight! I can hire a car! I can… drink before driving! (no, I kid, I kid, don’t drink and drive kids) I’m no longer going to be counted in the P plate statistics! No more tests! (NSW makes you do a test on the way out of P plate)

Insurance premium still sucks. Damn.

the daily column

Someone pinch me

Three weeks and I’m off to London. For 6 whole months. I’m still not sure I’m ready… I’m still not sure I know what I’m getting myself into.


I’m flying business class, by the way.

Just thought I’d toss that in.

conversations with myself

Looking over the shoulder

There’s still days when I think that this is it, and from tomorrow, it’s back to university, I’m done pretending, or that the alarm clock is going to go off and I’ll wake and it’ll still be February 6th, 2006, and I have yet to turn up for my first day, or it’s May 21st, 2005, and I’ve got to fly to Sydney today for my interview. After a year and three months, I’m still not sure if it’s real, that what I’m doing makes a difference to someone’s life and all that money in my bank account is there for a reason. I’m still younger than the new grads this year, by a year or two yet, and I’ll be younger than the grads next year too (though they’ll be closer). I’m ahead of schedule, dammit.

And I’m not sure if I’ll ever shake the feeling, at least until I’m leading or delivering a reasonably large project. Am I alone? From the sounds of it, not really, but is that a symptom of the job or of the expectations we have? If I were to look critically at myself, I’d see that I do have skills that I didn’t have when I turned up that fateful Monday morning, that I have this body of knowledge and an opinion that is value, even if I occasionally have too big opinion of it (I’m working on it, ok).

It’s real, and it’s bloody terrifying. Stay at uni as long as you can!


No more telemarketers!

Do Not Call register for Australia: Maybe they should have been more sensible about things and set up a “please call” register? Either way, get your number on there now! (site reportedly a little slow)