Month: May 2007

  • Shark Still Not Jumped I Say

    Do you think lolcats were the be-all and end-all of stupid internet phenomena? Fool! They were merely a beginning. Only a beginning. The revolution will have bad grammar.

  • Which devil to pick?

    Ethanol fuels may lead to Tequila shortages: Oh the sacrifices we must make for the planet!

  • Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World’s End

    (spoiler free – I’d never do that to you!) Why is it that by the third of a trilogy, the producers feel like they have to stretch things out just that liiiiiiiitle bit more, as though to reward the loyal fans? They did it to The Matrix, with its umpteen final gasps, to Spiderman, with […]

  • London Progress Report

    So. Some may have heard I’m off to London. Some may also be wondering why I haven’t packed and left yet, mainly to shut my yapping about it. (It seems every second conversation I have these days is about the place/my imminent visit). Indeed, I’ve already got my flight booked (June 9th) and a farewell […]

  • What comes before Episode I? Episode -I?

    George Lucas is saying “Maybe prequels of prequels?”, with some suggesting it’ll be set around the establishment of the (first/Old) Republic. All I can say is “George, please hire a real script writer.”

  • Movie Review: The Pursuit of Happyness

    Despite this being an excellent movie, in terms of acting and script writing and the message it has to carry, it depressed me. Despite the naturally upbeat attitude of Will Smith as Chris Gardener, despite his son’s great performance, despite all the amusing lines and situations, despite the happy ending that is real and shows […]

  • That sound? A million geeks crying out in satisfaction

    Blizzard has dropped StarCraft II, after years and years of speculation. Much like Warcraft III, they went down the 3D path. I’m still not convinced 3D is necessary for RTS, but if it’s Blizzard, then it’s the way of the future right? They’ve set the trend for years. It’s definitely going to be interesting to […]

  • I Chat, Therefore I Am

    Two Bots Talking: They very quickly start flirting with each other. Totally fascinating. (via)

  • At World’s End

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End: This is the one I’ve really  been looking forward to. Going to be the hugest thing ever, and it’s coming next week. This is a good year for movie blockbusters, methinks.

  • I’m sorry, it just wasn’t working out

    I closed my Commonwealth Bank account today. It just wasn’t a working relationship anymore. Something had changed, and I’d moved on – specifically, I’d moved on past uni and now there was a constant payment that had to be made. And there was just so little interest from them that I couldn’t help but feel […]