The Aurora

I knew the aurora was beautiful, and it was kinda always on the bucket list, but this video makes me want to move it way, way up the list. Majestic.


This … 14 year old? How old is a freshman? Anyway, this kid in high school who is only 6’2″ has the most insane hops I’ve ever seen – and the kid can dunk:

LOLrio Kart

The difference between you and someone who got into MIT? You were satisfied with just pushing your shopping trolley around:

That thing can clock 45 miles per hour, or 72km/h! Dude, you frigging kidding me?! (more info here) (via)

This is Epic

So I’ve been watching NBA recently, thanks to the manna-from-heaven that is One HD, Australia’s first 24/7 Free to Air sports channel (NBA, IPL, AFL in Sydney… this channel defines awesome – clever move, Channel 10). And yesterday, the most amazing finish to a basketball game I’ve ever seen, or at least not through replays – Cleveland Cavaliers are down by 2 points to Orlando Magic, 1 second to go, home game, second of the best-of-7 semi-final. They’ve just called a timeout, and when the clock starts again LeBron James, MVP, the figurehead of the Cavs, steps up and lands a buzzer-beater 3 point shot that cements his rep as both MVP and “King James”.

This shit is epic, son: