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  • You Don’t Get Twitter (Yet)

    Ok, we get it, you don’t get Twitter. But you’ve just signed up for it. And your first “twit” is something along the lines of “No idea why I’m here.” That’s a good thing – neither does anyone else, and that’s what makes it something entirely new, and that’s why some people are very excited […]

  • When the boss is away…

    … I update twitter, apparently. My bosses for three levels are out of office today, leaving me most senior in the room with 4 others. Yikes.  And what do I do? I… slack off. And answer support emails, so I don’t have to write test cases. Woo procastination. Productive procrastination at that. I bought a […]

  • WordPress w/Tags

    Updated to WordPress 2.3 without too much difficulty; seems like things are running pretty cruisy around here, without too many headline changes beyond the tags. I’ve always been a little skeptical of tags, as it seems a little bit of categorical overkill, so for the moment I’m holding back, tagging posts but not showing the […]