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Can’t talk

It’s amazing how a sense of an unspoken privacy policy holds you back. You can’t blog about work, because that’s naturally privileged information, but then when you’re unemployed and looking for work, you can’t talk about the interviews you’re taking because that too isn’t something you want to broadcast. Rock and a hard place.

I’ve now gone through about 6 books in the last 3 weeks. I thought this would be a chance to catch up on movie watching, but my attention span is so skittish right now I’ve been only reading books, which I can in theory put down at any time. But usually end up reading for hours on end before realising it’s 3 PM (again) and I’ve forgotten to do X, Y and Z. Again. But then you think, oh, I can just do that tomorrow, right?

Wrong. But you saw that coming.

You won’t do it tomorrow any more than you did it today. Tomorrow adds another four items to your to-do list, but since you haven’t got any structured activity scheduled, you end up skipping that anyway. I’m thankful that I’ve had a few interviews at semi-regular intervals simply for the target that it gives me at some point during the day.

It’s also simply amazing how much stuff there is out there on the net. I think I spent half of yesterday watching TED talks on topics as far ranging as the role of language in framing our thoughts to card tricks. There’s a fascinating universe of things that you never touch in your day to day existence, and if I had the time, talent and money I would attempt to get as broad an education as possible, following threads of interest until the interest dies and I must switch to a new field. (Yay for mixed metaphors, eh?)

In other news, it’s freaking freezing here in Sydney. Sydney’s not supposed to be cold! Even in winter!