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  • Lion Preview

    A preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for me at the Apple Store today, before I go and upgrade: Arrrrrrrrrgh, Apple, did you really have to implement rubber-band scrolling in Mac OS X too? It makes sense, kinda, on an iPhone to show “there is no more to scroll”, where you potentially might have […]

  • FTFF

    If you know the FTFF acronym, you’ll know exactly why I’m posting this today. If you don’t, I suspect this post will be largely irrelevant. Feel free to wander over to somewhere you get some damn posts, like Kottke or Dooce or something. Anyway. Apple, please, Fix The Fucking Finder for 10.7. And fixing the […]

  • How to set the default language in Mac OSX or Pages to be Australian or British English

    How hard is it to find this somewhere straight-forward on the net? Very hard evidently, because how many people come here. Edit: now updated for Yosemite. Older version below. Step 1: Open Language & Region: Step 2: Go to the language list and click +: Step 3: Select the language desired – in this case […]