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  • iPhone Photography

    Beautifully presented comparison of the photographic capabilities of every iPhone to date Still love the colours/textures from the 3GS there – was a big step up for phone photography all those years ago.

  • Climate Change and the End of Australia

    Jeff Goodell, for Rolling Stone: Climate Change and the End of Australia: ¬†As the Big Dry dragged on, rainfall declined in the southern part of the country, where most of the people live and the majority of the food is grown, fueling the risk of catastrophic bush fires. The reasons for this change in rainfall […]

  • Billie Tweets

    A tribute to Michael Jackson, Web mashup style: Oh Internet, how you surprise me daily.

  • Fallen Princesses

    Fallen Princesses is a series of images imagining Disney’s Princesses post-“Happily ever after”. Some great juxtapositions, especially Belle of Beauty and the Beast.

  • Time Travel for relationships

    “So, you’re in love with one of your friends, but she has a boyfriend and probably wouldn’t have sex with you anyway.” Step Seven: When she enters the room pretend to be unconscious. Allow her to turn you over and try to wake you for a few seconds before you open your eyes. The injuries […]

  • Presidential Lolz

    Obama is your new bicycle comedian-in-chief: part 1, part 2, part 3. (and follow-up: Wanda Sykes part 1, part 2)

  • Movie Trailer Interval

    All of the following are linked to Japan in one way or another, and look damn good – can’t wait. The most obvious one is Okuribito, or Departures – this is the Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film this year, and looks gorgeous. It will probably be as slow as any Japanese drama is, but […]