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  • iPhone Photography

    Beautifully presented comparison of the photographic capabilities of every iPhone to date Still love the colours/textures from the 3GS there – was a big step up for phone photography all those years ago.

  • Heads up: Using phone-based GPS illegal in Australia

    Gizmodo reports that, looking at the laws governing use of hand held device in a car, using a phone based GPS system is illegal in Australia: According to Traffic Services Commander of the NSW Police, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley: Under Rule 300 of the Australian Road Rules, which prohibits the use of a hand held […]

  • The iPhone Post (Part the Second)

    The day iPhone 3GS was announced, I realised that on pure technical stats, it was higher spec than the second computer my family owned, bought in 1999 for a tidy sum – a Pentium III 550MHz with 128MB of RAM and 16GB of disk space. Here Apple was selling a device that could comfortably fit […]

  • The iPhone Post (Part the First)

    This was the fifth day in a row, and it was starting to get ludicrous. iPhone 3GSs were still out of stock at the Apple store, just like they had been for the last week. Across the street, two girls in smart black shirts and beige skirts presided over a forlorn looking Telstra store, empty […]