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  • Back to the Future

    We’ve been here before. I wonder if anyone else recognises it? (Well, I haven’t, though I’ve read about it. Let me explain…) There’s an eerie sense of deja vu about the computer industry right now, if you look at it the right way.  The PC wars were pretty much over by the time I was […]

  • Google’s Take-Down Stats

    Google recently created a page where they revealed government take-down requests for their services, with some interesting figures revealing Brazil topping the list of take-down requests, followed by Germany, India and the United States. Australia ranks 10th with 17 take-down requests, of which Google has complied with 52%. China however considers the take-down requests themselves […]

  • Andy Ihnatko on Google Wave

    In case you haven’t heard of Google Wave, or haven’t had the time to watch the video and realise how it really will change just about everything to do with the internet, Andy Ihnatko has written his take on it, and it pretty much lines up with mine – this is genuinely new, and if […]