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  • Aussie victory in the Cricket World Cup – at a cost

    Greg Baum in the SMH today – Cocooned in sycophancy, the Australians seem not to grasp nor care how poorly this behaviour sits with the other half of a cricket-following public they repeatedly and ever more deeply divide, even in their finest hours. They also do not seem to care or grasp how it rankles […]

  • Internal Realism

    Alva Noe on the tricky issue of umpiring (in this case, for baseball): External Realism does a good job accounting for the fact that we all recognize that there are “bad calls” and the fact that dispute and controversy seem to be an ever-present part of the game. Because there areĀ real facts of the matterĀ about […]

  • Unsporting should be un-Australian

    Not for the Australian cricket team, not yet. The incident: A. B. de Villiers, third ball of the second over, Australia v South Africa, 20-20 match, gets a Tait special in his gut, edging off his bat. In pain, he keels over and inadvertantly hits the stumps, out hit-wicket. The man is doubled over in […]

  • Now this is cricket

    Now that was a proper Test match. I’m not bitter or anything, but this could’ve been 2-1, you know what I mean? Or at least 1-1. That would’ve made things interesting.